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Well That Happened Podcast

Everyone has a story.

Some can be acquired through a lifetime of amazing experiences and other can come in a flash while doing a mundane task. Either way we all want to tell those stories; that is part of the human experience. From prehistory to the present we all want to hear a story.

Ever since I was young all I ever wanted to do was tell stories and I can say that I am lucky enough to make a living doing that. By either writing a story or editing a project or filming a personal piece I can honestly say that I make a living at telling stories and I couldn’t be happier! I'll be working hard to keep the information on my site current, topical, and fun. So peruse at your leisure and check back often — you never know when something fun is going to pop up here for your enjoyment!


The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before.

                                     ~ Neil Gaiman

Jeffery Potts